Treatment in the Center.

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Treatment Center Information:

The Process​

Addiction is ugly. It ruins families, destroys relationships. Worst of all, addiction damages the mind and body. Sobriety is a significant change, especially on your own, but, treatment centers help. Professionals help you at all times. Receive support from other addicts and get the proper treatment today.

Inpatient Rehab

Relapse is common, especially with no help. Treatment centers provide help, and you are never alone. Benefit from a watchful staff. Instead, receive assistance at any given moment. Support and treatment are always near. No matter what.

Substances effect the body and mind differently and we understand it. We treat addiction proper.  Every addiction is different, and this includes addiction intensity. Genetics and family history also play a role. Addiction is not your fault. Receive encouragement from others at our treatment center.

Support Groups

Learn about addiction. Find a solution. Out treatment centers provide a safe space. There is no alcohol or drugs, and the environment is stress-free. Socialize with others, learn their stories, create a special bond that lasts forever, find a sober buddy in the treatment center. It changes everything and first of all It changes your life.

Group discussions are great and the group activities are even better – they provide fun and joy. All the while, reduce stress, improve communication skills, build your confidence. Confidence is a crucial tool. Our treatment center provides all the tools. Move away from addiction, head towards a better lifestyle and future.

Accountability is important. So is responsibility. Hold yourself accountability, others do the same. Sober buddies watch out for one another, sober groups do the same! Everyone watches one another. Fall down during sobriety. The group picks you back up. Meanwhile, professionals work around the clock for your benefit.


Treatment centers do half of the work, and you provide the other half. Dedicate yourself to sobriety, change your lifestyle, embrace a brand new life. Things change. But, things change for the better. A rough start is not the end. One mistake is not a failure. Do not worry if you fall. The treatment center is here to help, be ready for a healthy lifestyle!

The post treatment is wonderful. Frequent check-ins extend your stay. You physically leave the center, but, you are never forgotten. Connect with peers, attend more groups, the treatment does not stop. The treatment is 24-hours a day, forever. Every day is a brand new experience after treatment in the center.


800 Spruce St, Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA

Working Hours

09:00 AM - 08:30 PM Monday - Sunday

Phone Number

+1 215-827-3246