Methamphetamine Peak Levels And Their Dangers

Methamphetamine Peak Levels And Their Dangers

Many can call methamphetamine the most addictive drug as the level of addicted to it doesn’t fall with every year. A stimulant, methamphetamine is often used to help people get work done or to stay awake, and can easily cause addiction from just the first few uses.

Meth can be taken by mouth or mixed with water and injected. Smoking is one of the more popular ways to take it because the drug hits the bloodstream and helps the high work faster. The high of meth can start quickly and end just as fast which keeps people using over and over.

Some symptoms of meth addiction include:

–    Feeling like you need the drug to function

–    Having meth withdrawal symptoms if you try to stop

–    Stealing money to help fund your habit

–    Lying about drug use

What’s Meth Made Of?

This particular drug can come in quite a few different formats. This can be a powder, a crystal, rock, or tablets to consume. Basically, meth is made by man in labs. Chemicals and amphetamine are mixed to make this toxic drug.

Many things that go into meth are dangerous and potentially deadly if taken in too large an amount. Some of these chemicals include:

–    acetone

–    anhydrous ammonia (fertilizer)

–    ether

–    hydrochloric acid

–    lithium

–    pseudoephedrine

–    red phosphorus

–    sodium hydroxide

–    sulfuric acid

–    toluene

Methamphetamine Peak Levels

Obviously, the time it takes for that methamphetamine high to peak depends on many factors. It is important to count on how much you’ve taken, how often you’ve taken it, and even the way you’ve taken it. If you’ve injected it or smoked it, then the time varies for your bodies response.

When the methamphetamine is at the peak blood concentration then it is:

–    detected shortly after injection

–    within a few minutes of smoking

–    within a few hours (2.6-3.6 hours) after oral administration

Long term effects of meth use can include:

–    addiction

–    aggression and violent behavior

–    damages in the brain structure and function

–    dental problems

–    difficulties in thinking and motor skills

–    hallucinations

–    increased destructibility

–    memory loss

–    mood disturbances

–    paranoia

–    psychosis

–    weight loss

Because people tend to use meth repeatedly since the highs are short, this can lead to drug overdose deaths. They take too much of the drug, and the body can’t handle it.