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Is Protein Addictive?

Protein Addiction: Is It Real?

Protein powder is popular. Fitness freaks love protein supplements, and the supplement industry is also on the rise. Thus, protein consumption is at an all-time high. This leads to many questions, especially when it comes to protein powders and supplements. For instance, many wonders, is protein addictive?

Protein vs. Protein Powders

Protein alone is not addictive. Your body needs protein, it is one of many important nutritional requirements. Instead, the real problem stems from protein powders. Separate the two. Protein is a nutrient in the human body. Scientists believe it is a building block for body tissue. Plus, it is a source of energy. So do not avoid protein out of fear.

Protein powders are not just protein. Instead, this is a dietary supplement. Plus, the powder substance is not organic. Instead, the powder is created by the manufacturer. Well, this is where it gets a bit tricky — especially understanding how the FDA supervises dietary supplements on the market.

What Is Protein Powder?

The Food & Drug Administration does not monitor labeling on supplements. Instead, they leave it to manufacturers. Thus, manufacturers are responsible for the testing, overall safety, and labeling of products. So how can you know what is and is not in your protein powder? What makes up all the extra filler? Again, this is where it gets a bit tricky.

Protein powers offer proteins similar to that of plants, eggs, and milk. However, the ingredients range from artificial flavoring, thickeners, vitamins, minerals, and sugar. Sugar is the key ingredient here. Why? Because sugar is utterly addictive.

Protein Powder & Sugar

Sugar is controversial. It is potentially dangerous but found in almost every food, especially processed food in the United States. Food addiction and eating disorders are a hot button topic. Sugar addiction is similar to food addiction – sugar consumption releases natural endogenous opioids. This is where the addiction stems from.

Protein powders are loaded with sugar. As a result, protein powder is potentially very addictive, especially consuming powder protein on a daily basis. This leads to a severe dependence. Experts believe sugar addiction is similar to drugs of abuse. Protein by itself is not dangerous or addictive, and protein powders are a mixed bag. Supplement manufactures all conduct themselves differently, so it is difficult to know what is in your protein powder. High loads of sugar can make protein addictive.