Is It Possible To Get Rid Of Drug Addiction Once And For All

Drug addiction is a sad reality of life these days. Many people suffer from drug addiction and end up in the same abuse cycle over and over again unable to free themselves. Staying sober is perhaps the most complicated thing for many people, and others just don’t understand it.

It is actually classified as a brain disease because over time drug addiction can cause changes to the brain which is what makes it so hard to quit using drugs. More than 22 million people in the United States are addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Anyone can become addicted to drugs regardless of their families genetics or their own sense of willpower. There is no super cure to drug addiction, only the drug treatment program that is available to help you recover.

Here are a few different factors that can make you more likely to develop a drug addiction if you are not careful:

–    Family history of using drugs

–    Starting drugs when you are very young

–    Having mental health issues and using drugs to self-medicate

–    Having friends who use drugs and share them

Why Does Addiction Happen?

People don’t start using drugs to get an addiction. This usually happens over time and quite unexpectedly for many. When that is the case, there are a lot of reasons why people might start using.

Reasons that people might start using drugs include:

–    Stress

–    Peer pressure

–    For fun

–    Physical pain

–    To deal with social anxiety

–    Insecurity

Anyone using drugs can find themselves addicted if they aren’t careful and that’s the problem. People too easily trust that they will be fine or can handle it when in fact they cannot. As we said earlier using drugs can change the brain and make quitting drugs hard too.

Some of the ways that drug use changes the brain include:

–    Behavior control

–    Decision making

–    Judgment

–    Pleasure

–    Learning and memory

Quitting Drug Addiction

It is tough to stop using drugs once you begin and that is often due to the drug withdrawal symptoms that you can feel. When you use drugs consistently, they build up in your system that so over time you grow tolerant. You need more drugs to get the high you want. When you use more drugs, you become dependent.

If you try to quit using drugs, you can go through withdrawal. This is what happens when you attempt a drug detox. Detoxification is the body cleansing the drugs out of your system so that you no longer are addicted.

Withdrawal symptoms are what can make detox so hard. It takes a lot of willpower. There is no cure for drug addiction, only a recovery process that lasts your whole life. But don’t give up now, it’s possible to keep yourself away from drugs and healthy if you put your mind to it.