sober life

How To Start A Sober Life

Embrace Change

Sobriety after addiction is hard, especially sobriety alone. As a result, you need support. Find support from family, find support from friends, from others – support is key to sobriety. Regardless of the addiction, surround yourself with great people, embrace the lifestyle change.

First, prepare yourself. Sobriety is not easy; anxiety worsens the feeling. Seek support from loved ones: your family is a go-to source for support, not to mention a partner. Contact a sober friend, reach out for help, support, and comfort – sobriety fails due to a lack of support.

Resist Fear

Anxiety is dangerous, the pressure is dangerous – both ruin sobriety. Do not live in fear. This is a recipe for disaster. Instead, embrace the change, enjoy the changes, fix your mindset. Then, your body follows. Confidence is vital to sobriety – be confident in yourself, this enhances your sobriety and inspiration.

Contact support, fear shouldn’t rule you. Call a friend for help and listen to their words – they provide advice and support. Ease the pressure. You are not alone. Do not go through sobriety alone, especially with great support groups available.

Accountability Is Essential

You are responsible for sobriety, but you are not alone. Support groups are available – just visit a group and meet others. Realize others struggle with addiction, learn from them, teach them too. They hold you responsible for all of your actions. Lack of accountability is a big problem for sobriety.

Support groups provide a social space, so meet with support groups and support members weekly. Go to the movies, visit the park, become friends with these people. They help you during the hard times, especially when sobriety gets rough. Do not suffer through addiction by yourself – there is no need.

Be Active & Be Fit

First, outdoor activities are smart. Why? Outdoor activities ease depression and anxiety. Beautiful weather is conducive – walk in the park or go to the beach, visit the downtown city area. Each activity relieves your stress and distracts you from alcohol or marijuana. Plus, you socialize with others in each activity.

A good workout does wonders. In some cases, workouts provide a great sensation. One work out delivers a sense of relief. Bottom line, workouts kill stress. Go for a jog, lift some weights at the gym, go swim laps in a pool, join a local workout club. There are so many options available! Pick one and stick to it.

Commit Yourself

Sobriety is not possible without commitment, sobriety starts and ends with you. Create a daily schedule, outline your plans, think about the future, change your lifestyle. Full commitment is the only way to get to sobriety, especially going cold turkey.

Do not overdo it. Go 24 hours sober at first. Then, go 48 hours sober, then, go three days sober, build to a week sober. After, try a month sober – slowly build up your sobriety over time, move towards a healthy future and a better lifestyle. Believe in yourself, no matter what!