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Events & Student Supports

College Sobriety Support & Events

Unfortunately, college students in USA and Philadelphia, in particular, drink a lot of alcohol. College culture and college parties encourage this behavior. Over half of all full-time students drink alcohol. Likewise, 37% of students binge drink throughout one month. Drinking is common on college campuses. Thus, college students develop alcohol addictions.

Here at Bernard Hopkins’ Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Center, we provide support for students. This starts with weekly meetings. Each week there is a meeting for college students – one hour of conversation between a big group. This helps students discuss their problems with others. That way, no one feels alone.

Colleges across the country now have student support groups. A campus can host weekly AA meetings. This includes a twelve-step plan to overcome an alcohol or even marijuana. But, this goes beyond primary substance abuse. Instead, it helps students feel comfortable in their own skin.

Alcohol and parties hurt students abilities. Studying habits suffer the most. As a result, weekly support groups encourage school goals. The best example involves study groups. Work alongside other students. Achieve your goals with the help of others. Do not suffer alone through addiction. Support groups aim to help.

Weekly check-ins are a source of hope for students. Receive support from people who care – from former addicts in full recovery. They guide students through the sobriety process. That way, students move away from substance abuse. This includes binge drinking. However, it also includes marijuana abuse as well.

Accountability is key to sobriety, especially in hard times. As a result, weekly meetings provide accountability. That way, you get help in desperate times, plus, weekly socials offer a safe space. Avoid alcohol and marijuana at each event. Social events include bowling, movie trips, and more. Surround yourself with sober students and get the help you need today.


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