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Drug Addiction And Health (Body & Mental)

Health & Addiction

Drug addiction is bad. Alcohol addiction is bad. Bad for your body. Bad for your mind. Bad for your overall health. Years of addiction does damage. Thus, sobriety becomes difficult. Prepare yourself for a change. Embrace a brand new lifestyle. Learn about yourself and your addiction.

The Mind: Dependency

One beer is not an addiction. Trying a drug is not an addiction. But, addictions start somewhere. Start with alcohol. A few drinks never hurt anyone. A few drinks every day hurts everyone. Your body depends on alcohol. Alcohol decreases stress. Alcohol also stimulates the brain. This is where addiction starts.

Your brain loves stimulation. Look no further than smartphones. Smartphones are addictive. Why? Smartphones stimulate your brain, alcohol does the same thing. Over time, the brain depends on alcohol for stimulation. Thus, you depend on alcohol. Without it, you become stressed and irritable.

Drugs are the same, and marijuana is even worse. Your brain produces dopamine, dopamine creates a pleasant sensation. Marijuana triggers dopamine in the brain. Constant marijuana consumption stops this. The brain no longer develops dopamine as usual. Thus, the brain depends on marijuana for dopamine. This leads to depression and general unhappiness.

The Body: Damage

The human body is unique. Think about homeostasis. Basically, the body stays healthy at all times, an even balance. Drugs and alcohol change the balance and imbalance the body. This ranges from heart disease to lung biases and more. Addiction changes the brain, in turn, addiction changes the body.

The brain is the center of all control, this includes stress control. Constant marijuana use reduces stress, just like constant alcohol use. Then, stress control becomes difficult, especially without drugs and alcohol. Thus, sobriety becomes irritable and frustrating. Not to mention serious body effects from addiction.

Addiction has short-term and long-term effects. This depends on many factors, like the specific drugs and the use. The long-term effects include disease and mental illness. Short-term effects include heart rate, blood pressure, and mood. Addiction is dangerous, especially when unchecked. Be mindful of your body and overall health.


The damage of addiction is awful. It changes the body and brain. Worst of all, sobriety becomes more difficult. Long-term addiction changes lifestyles. Do not suffer alone – there is no need, instead, get help. Support groups help, they provide great accountability and an outlet for hope!

Other addicts are saviors, especially fully-recovered, former addicts. They are sobriety veterans, their experiences are crucial. Learn from them, get help from them, look to them for hope. Sobriety is more comfortable with others, plus, enjoy social outings with other sober people. Avoid alcohol in public and marijuana at parties!

Be reasonable. Not everyone goes sober the same. Start with 24 hours – be sober for 24 hours. After, feel accomplishment, be proud. Then, go for two days sober, increase the time sober. Eventually, you are sober for a week without notice. Then, you are sober for a month!