Anabolic Steroids Abuse and It’s Dangers

Hormonal issues are common in the United States. Anabolic steroids are human-made variations on the male sex hormone, testosterone. Many men suffer from low tester one levels. Unfortunately, men do not receive treatment for this. Nor do they know about their low testosterone levels.

Steroids treat hormonal issues. The best example is late puberty. Steroids help muscle loss too. However, anabolic steroid abuse is unfortunately common. Athletes and bodybuilders overuse anabolic steroids to enhance their appearance. This is not just dangerous, it is potentially lethal. Here are the facts on anabolic steroids abuse and it’s dangers.

First, anabolic steroid abuse is different from alcohol abuse or marijuana abuse. Alcohol abuse means you consume too much. Anabolic steroid abuse is similar, but there are a variety of methods. Here are some of the common patterns for abusing anabolic steroids.

Plateauing involves swapping out steroids. Why? To avoid the tolerance build up. The body builds a tolerance towards drugs. Over time, the drugs no longer work the same. Stacking involves combing steroids and even mixing them together. Pyramiding is increasing the frequency of abuse to reach a peak consumption. Then, consuming little to not steroids. Finally, Cycling is basically a start and stop method of abuse. Abuse steroids, pause, then abuse them again.

Anabolic Steroid Dangers

Anabolic steroids do not create a high. They do not change the brain chemicals either. However, there are adverse mental effects. This includes delusions, impaired judgment, aggression and irritability, and extreme and unwarranted paranoia. Each danger is just as harmful as the last. It ruins relations and tears families apart.

Now, abusing anabolic steroids has long-term effects. This includes damage to the liver, kidney failure, high blood pressure, blood cholesterol changes, and a risk of blood clots. The long-term effects are horrific. The damage is potentially leather in some instances. Anabolic steroids abuse and its dangers should not be taken lightly.

Unfortunately, anabolic steroids are addictive. The addiction is not obvious unlike other drugs such as marijuana. However, there are noticeable changes. This includes problems sleeping, a loss of appetite, fatigue, and restlessness. Worst of all, anabolic steroids lead to other drugs. After steroid abuse, users turn to opioids to provide restful nights of sleep. Anabolic steroids abuse and its dangers are undoubtedly severe. Seek treatment or get help for someone you love today.